Central Asian International Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services Exhibition
2-4 November 2022
Almaty, Kazakhstan

FeedBack from Exhibitors ColdChain Kazakhstan 2019

Yevgeniy Khvan, Kholod Market Company, Kazakhstan

It is our fourth consecutive year at the exhibition. Each year we notice our results. We really find here new partners and customers, see what our competitors offer. We consider this exhibition as very useful for business development. Here, you always can find a lot of interesting equipment. Today, many companies transfer to another cooling agents, apply new engineering solutions, and here, at the exhibition, you can observe and learn from each other.

Aleksandr Tambovtsev, Companiya Kholodom LLP, Kazakhstan

This year I was impressed by the number of participants. We are glad to a big number of visitors with business inquiries, applications, real projects. The exhibition was very fruitful. Although we do not see it as an event that must definitely pay off. It is an image event and the participation itself says about active growth of the company. Whether the customer trusts us or not depends on our positioning at the exhibition. My opinion: you participate at the exhibition for good positioning, to get feedback and to build trustful relationships.