Central Asian International Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services Exhibition

Recommendations for visitors

  1. Plan your visit ahead, at least 1 month before the event.
  2. Check out the official website of the exhibition for the latest news.
  3. View the exhibitor list and business program of the event, determine the optimal number of days of the visit to have enough time for running a stand and for the business program.
  4. Make your plans to visit the exhibition with your colleagues, so as to get as many business contacts as possible and perform the maximum number of tasks during the whole exhibition period.
  5. Use the exhibition not only as a place for meetings with exhibitors, but also with partners, colleagues
  6. Please be sure to go through online registration at the exhibition’s website and get a badge. This will save your time at the entrance to the pavilion.
  7. Please be sure to take your business cards.
  8. For ease of finding Your way in exhibition pavilions, please use the exhibition guide and catalogue with a complete alphabetical list of exhibitors.

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