Central Asian International Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services Exhibition
2-4 November 2022
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Feedback From Visitors ColdChain Kazakhstan 2019

Nazgul Asemamanova, Bishkek Meat Preserving Plant, Kyrgyzstan

I am a coordinator on the attraction of investments. Now we are working on a new agricultural project. This project involves the participation of many parties. The exhibition, for us, is a platform where we can find our future partners. Participants impress by the variety of products, equipment, and services. Many of them comply with our requirements. We have already selected some companies to cooperate with. We like that some enterprises render their services on a "turn-key" basis, starting from an idea to project commissioning. It is not convenient to find partners on the Internet. There is no opportunity for personal acquaintance, and you have to trust each other's words. But here, at the exhibition, you can discuss any questions and see how the company is positioning itself. I liked the refrigeration equipment presented here, which allows you to refrigerate, store, freeze, and export products.

Denis Mor, Elin Peasant farm, Kazakhstan

I am engaged in the production of poultry and its sale; in addition, I have orchards. I came to the exhibition to learn about the equipment. I liked the show very much. I am impressed with the number of producers represented, with the variety of equipment, chemicals, the approach of organizers. Such a significant amount of companies I could see only on the Internet, but here at the exhibition, I can discuss any questions. One can touch everything by his hands, to listen to the professional's opinion. For us, who are engaged in this industry, the exhibition is a precious event. Today, many positions presented at the exhibition are not shown in Kazakhstan. To learn about any innovations, one should go to Europe, Russia, China. It means additional expenses and time. But all those companies are represented here at the exhibition. For example, Big Dutchman - the legend of production, world leaders. They have their equipment presented here. I learned about some latest technologies. There is certainly something to strive for. Besides, I have found over ten companies with whom I'm interested to cooperate.