Central Asian International Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services Exhibition

FEEDBACK FROM VISITORS ColdChain Qazaqstan 2023

Ilsiyar Aznabakiyeva, Ronar Kaz LLP:

Our company works in the field of agriculture, we are engaged in preparations for agriculture, for crop production, poultry farming, cleaning of poultry watering systems, disinfection for greenhouse equipment and irrigation systems. I am at this exhibition for the first time.  The exhibition is big, I really liked it. It was a little difficult to navigate in space, but I was prompted that there is an application that allows building an accurate route. It is very convenient. In the registration area, I liked that it is possible to print the badge, it’s fast and saves time. There are interesting companies with whom we managed to communicate, and we hope for further cooperation.  Next year we plan to participate in this exhibition and present our stand.

Yesbol Iskakov, Chief Engineer of Agro Fit Kapshagay:

I visit the exhibition repeatedly. The impressions were wonderful, this year everything is organized at the highest level. There are a lot of interesting stands, I really liked it. We are interested in equipment for the production of compound feed, and we have already found a lot of interesting things. At this stage, negotiations are underway, we want to conclude partnership deals.

Azamat Akpantayev, Quick-Star LLP:

Our company is engaged in food products: dairy, tea products. We work with the entire category of retail outlets, today company sells only domestic Kazakhstani products. I visit this exhibition every year, previously I myself had experience of participating with a stand. Today I came as a visitor in order to find partners. I found a couple of interesting Kazakhstani manufacturers, I will need to talk to them.  Impressions of the exhibition are excellent, three pavilions are presented, the exhibitors are displayed by sector, which is very convenient. It is possible to immediately find what you were looking for - equipment, food products or agriculture.

Gulnara Sultanova, Vitaminka IE:

The impressions of visiting the exhibition are excellent. We have only recently opened our business, now we are concluding contracts and looking for profitable partnerships. There are companies that have not yet concluded contracts with anyone in Kazakhstan, and we want to exhibit their products. I think it would be good if we sold everything that is presented at the exhibition. This helps not only us, the representative of SMEs, but also all residents of Kazakhstan. The organizers are great, thank you!

Ramazan Baikuatov, Sales Manager of Spark:

It was my first time to come to the AgroWorld Qazaqstan exhibition. In my opinion, everything is great, thanks a lot to the organizers! I met with the Embassy of Indonesia, with various Turkish and European companies.  We have already come to agreements that we will discuss later. I hope I will find interesting partners.

Aisulu Temiralinova, Sales Manager of Ayvaz Kazakhstan:

I came to the AgroWorld Qazaqstan exhibition for the first time. We are interested in direct manufacturers, we are manufacturers ourselves, so we wanted to visit, get acquainted, and perhaps enter into long-term cooperation. There are stands with which we have already been able to communicate, mostly interested in Kazakhstani manufacturers. The exhibition is very productive.

Alexandr Drus , Founder of ASAP Group:

I came from Minsk city. Our offices are located in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland. We have come to find new partners. The exhibition is very interesting and promising, it allows many companies to expand the boundaries of their business, present themselves to a wide audience and be aware of the latest industry trends.

FEEDBACK FROM VISITORS ColdChain Qazaqstan 2022

Yegor Vanin, Atameken Nan 2000:

FoodExpo Qazaqstan 2022 and ColdChain were the purpose of our visit to the expositions. But also the HoRex exhibition was important because we have a household and bread production, and now we are considering opening an artisan bakery. We are looking at ingredients for bread, packaging, packaging equipment, and we will work out new contacts of possible partners. This is the first time we have visited the exhibition. We are happy and do not regret that we came from Aktobe. We have been at the exhibition for two days. The meetings are fruitful, and if there are any questions, we will stay for the third day.

Yaroslav Fedorov, A-line:

According to the specific nature of my work, I am interested in all the exhibitions presented here. The exhibitions were all quite interesting and I enjoyed both the equipment and the business expansion opportunities presented. Thanks to the exhibitions, I discovered products that I had not noticed before and did not know they existed. We already have possible contracts coming up. Thanks to the organizers and participants!

Kairzhan Nagmetov, Kublei LLP:

I would like to share my impressions of the exhibition. Its level of organization fully met my expectations. This is the first time I have visited this exhibition, so I used to visit mostly Russian exhibitions. We worked in agro- and equipment direction until recently, but now we have changed it. That is why I am impressed by the cooperation of the agricultural exhibition and the food exhibition. First of all, any exhibition is a great opportunity to get all the information you need. There are certain outlines for the future and possible developments here at the exhibition, as well as the presence of partners with whom we work. For us, visiting the exhibition is always fruitful and it contributes to our development. I think the exhibition is an interesting and good event for us, as managers, to grow in our field.

Nariman Ussenov, Synar Grupp LLP:

I am a visitor at FoodExpo Qazaqstan 2022. We represent the distributors of a German company and our office is located in Almaty. We are interested in visiting exhibitions of this format, expanding our horizons, and learning how the market is developing at this time. The exhibition is very good from the point of view of understanding the market, so you can find out who is on the market and in what positions. I have visited this exhibition before. I would like to note that in terms of quality and the list of participants, it is one of the best. We also attend thematic exhibitions all over the world. We have something to compare the exhibition FoodExpo Qazaqstan. Its level of organization and the final result is not inferior to others; the only difference is the scale because they have a larger market.

Stanislav Ponomarenko, Sew-Eurodrive LLP:

We are here to visit FoodExpo Qazaqstan 2022, AgroWorld Qazaqstan 2022 and ColdChain 2022 exhibitions. There are a lot of our current customers, as well as prospective ones for the future. Our equipment is used in the production of packaging and in the bottling of beverages. The list of exhibitors and the exhibition itself is very good, we all enjoyed it. We are planning to take part in next year’s exhibition, as we can see the high interest of visitors to the equipment. There are a lot of our partners here who use our equipment.

FEEDBACK FROM VISITORS ColdChain Qazaqstan 2021

Alexander Antonovich Zaitsev, Corresponding Member of the International Informatization Academy (IIA)

I have been visiting the exhibition regularly since 2007, Iteca has always ensured the level of the international standard. They never give up their position, even during a pandemic and after a pandemic they were able to continue their activities. I came here with the aim of monitoring the achievements of the food and agricultural sector. The level of organization of exhibitions is always on top. I will visit exhibitions while there is an opportunity. Even when there was an online format, I participated in your conferences and seminars.

Tair Rokhas, “South is where the mountains are” Individual Entrepreneur

I want to find suppliers of products and equipment. I am interested in exactly the sphere of coffee houses, which includes: coffee machines, refrigeration equipment, teas, herbs and coffee. I am glad about the composition of the participants, a lot is presented from the segment that interests me. In general, the impressions from the exhibition were only good. I try to visit this exhibition every year, next year I know for sure that I will come to this exhibition.

Denis Valeriyevich Teremok, “Gordiyenko” Individual Entrepreneur

We visited this exhibition to find new partners. We have been a distribution company in Nur-Sultan for over ten years. Here are our partners, in particular in the sausage business. This is the Mogilev meat-packing plant, which turns 115 this year, we are a distributor in a number of Kazakhstani cities, including Pavlodar, Karaganda, Nur-Sultan. Due to the pandemic, the number of participants may have decreased. But this year the exhibition showed itself with dignity, there are many participants and visitors, the organization is working well. We visit every exhibition in this area, we do not miss a single one, either in Moscow or here in Almaty. Next year we will definitely visit the exhibition. Perhaps, having united with our partners, we will present a stand.

Vladislav Sergeyevich Anisimov, LOTTE Rakhat JSC

I am a representative of the Rakhat Candy Factory. I came here to see the equipment that is exhibited here, including packaging equipment. I can note that the organization of the exhibition was at a high level. Everything is very convenient, and I especially liked that there was good protection against the virus, that is, “smart entry/exit”. The scale was not very large, and I think the pandemic affected this. Nevertheless, the exhibitors were interesting and of high quality. At the exhibition, I met many long-standing partners. In the coming year I will try to visit this exhibition again.

Tatyana Mikhailova, Oksana Tokareva, Greiner LLC

We came to the exhibition with the aim of developing our business in the Kazakhstan market. We are a European company, but located in the Russian Federation. We came here to FoodExpo Qazaqstan to find new solutions and ideas for our business. Of the good sides of the exhibition, we can note the well-planned arrangement of stands, division by country and sector, which is very convenient. We regularly visit all packaging exhibitions in the CIS, we are here for the first time, but now we will visit this exhibition every year.

Tatyana Li Vissarionovna, manager for international transportation of MultiModl Logistic

I came to all of today’s food exhibitions. Our company offers international logistics services. There are foreign companies with Kazakhstani distributors here, I mainly take their contacts. Here I am with the aim of learning about other companies and providing them with our partnership. Of the last exhibitions I have visited, this exhibition is the largest and best presented for those who are looking for partners in Kazakhstan. I think that this exhibition will be very productive for both visitors and participants.