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The New Vegetable Storage Facility Has Been Opened in Astana

A special food belt, which involves agricultural enterprises of the nearby regions, has been created around Astana to ensure residents of the capital with food products.

storageToday, the city has seven vegetable storage facilities with a total storage capacity of 29 thousand tons. However, this amount still does not cover the full needs of the population in the amount of 60 thousand tons. To cover the remaining needs, there are four vegetable storage facilities with a capacity of 14.5 thousand tons under construction; one is ready for operation this year.

Talgat Abilov, the Deputy Director of "AmalA2009" LLP in Astana:

- The structure was built this year; it is completely designed for the intake of fruits and vegetables from local producers from Kazakhstan. There are 16 compartments, capacity of which is seven thousand tons. In our vegetable storage facility, we are using equipment made in the Netherlands. We will have container-type storage. There are 10 sections to store fruits and vegetables, and 6 sections for refrigerating machineries, where citrus, cucumbers and tomatoes are stored.

The storage temperature for all types of vegetables is different, but does not exceed the threshold of 0°C. The vegetable storage equipment allows setting the desired temperature in each section, as well as controlling the humidity in the premise. The content of agricultural products in storages helps to reduce losses by at least 20% compared with the bulk storage method, as well as to keep the prices for socially important food products in the winter period. Most of the vegetables are sold through "Shapagat" municipal market.

However, the vegetable storages are not empty in the summer period, as well. Large harvests gathered in the southern regions of Kazakhstan are temporary loaded in cold storage rooms for long-term storage in the hot season of the year.

We should recall that the remaining demand of the capitals population in storage of fruits and vegetables will be covered in 2017.


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