Central Asian International Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services Exhibition
2-4 November 2022
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Cold innovations at the ColdChain Kazakhstan 2019

November 6 through November 8 Almaty's Atakent exhibition center will be hosting the Cold Chain Kazakhstan 2019 exhibition of cold storage, transportation and services for cold logistics.

CColdChain Kazakhstan is the only narrowly specialized exhibition in Central Asia that aims to bring together the best domestic and foreign manufactures and suppliers of equipment and services for the transportation and storage of perishable products.

ColdChain Kazakhstan 2019 is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments in cold storage and transportation solutions for the food and processing industries, storage facilities, catering and retail outlets from all over the world.

This year participants include companies from China, Russia, Turkey, Italy, the Netherlands, Uzbekistan, Germany, and, naturally, Kazakhstan.

Eurocold will be presenting solutions for designing refrigeration equipment for retail facilities that take into account all the latest global trends as well as the mentality of the local communities in Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. Kompressor will present a broad range of spare parts for air conditioning systems, chillers, fan coils and other industrial equipment. ProKholod will offer the guests of the exhibition a broad selection of spare and component parts as well as expendable materials for the installation, maintenance, repairs and retrofitting of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

The business program of the ColdChain 2019 will be presented through an educational seminar organized by the Global Cold Chain Alliance. The GCCA includes 1300 companies from 75 countreis. At the seminar world class experts will share experience in creating an effective cold chain in which the product's quality is maintained at every stage of the process, as well as talk about how to go about investing in temperature regulation business and how to manage energy resources.

As per tradition, ColdChain Kazakhstan will be held alongside four other exhibitions: FoodExpo Qazaqstan, AgroWorld Kazakhstan, HOREX Kazakhstan and QazPack. In 2018, a total of 5270 people visited all the four exhibitions.

The exhibitions are being organized by Iteca, a Kazakh exhibition company, and its international partner ITE Group PLC (UK).

ColdChain 2019 is being officially supported by the Akimat of Almaty and the Republic of Kazakhstan National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Atameken. The Refrigeration Industry portal acts as the official general information partner of the exhibition.

For a list of participants, the schedule of the business program as well as to register online go to coldchain.kz.

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