Central Asian International Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services Exhibition
2-4 November 2022
Almaty, Kazakhstan

ColdChain Kazakhstan 2021: ColdChain modernization and innovative cold storage solutions.

ColdChain Qazaqstan 2021, an international exhibition for cold storage, transportation and services for cold logistics, will be held on November 3-5 in Atakent Exhibition Center in Almaty.

Taking into account Kazakhstan’s role as a major net importer for regional and global food trade, ColdChain Qazaqstan serves as an effective platform to showcase innovative cold chain solutions from domestic and foreign producers. With a proper temperature-controlled cold chain of supply and storage, consumers are supplied with final products of high quality, ensuring food safety, which is also important for reliable and safe cross-border trade. Improving the efficiency of the country’s cold chain enhances the competitiveness of businesses in Kazakhstan, creates jobs and stimulates investment. The main goal of ColdChain Qazaqstan 2021 exhibition is to bring together on one platform the best local and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and services for storage and transportation of perishable products.

The importance of holding such an exhibition as ColdChain Qazaqstan is explained by the interest of Kazakhstani and foreign investors in the project of building wholesale and distribution centers in Kazakhstan. According to the plans of the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 24 wholesale distribution centers will be built in the country by 2024. The commissioning of which, in practice, will allow to apply the latest developments of the cold chain, presented at the exhibition. The WDCs (Wholesale and distribution center) serve as an effective way to develop food logistics, further storage and distribution.

Undoubtedly, every year the cold chain market is expanding with new foreign suppliers and domestic enterprises. At the exhibition, Silumin-Vostok domestic manufacturer will present a variety of refrigeration equipment and accessories from its own plant. The exposition traditionally features Russian companies, such as Eurostil and Profholod. Despite logistical difficulties and quarantine restrictions, foreign companies take part in the exhibition: “Plattenhardt+Wirth” from Germany, “Geerlofs” from the Netherlands, “KINGSPAN YAPI ELEMANLARI A.S.” from Turkey, “Amandus Kal” from Germany.

ColdChain Kazakhstan is traditionally held in parallel with four other exhibitions: FoodExpo Qazaqstan, AgroWorld Qazaqstan, Horex and Clean Expo Qazaqstan and QazPack.

The exhibition is organized by Iteca Kazakhstan Exhibition Company. ColdChain 2021 is officially supported by the Almaty City Akimat and the Global Cold Chain Alliance.

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