Central Asian International Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services Exhibition

“Cold Industry”: ColdChain Exhibition for the first time in Kazakhstan

From November 2 to 4 the Central Asian International Exhibition “Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services” - ColdChainKazakhstan 2016 will be held for the first time in Kazakhstan.

The main theme of the exhibition will be innovative solutions, equipment and services for ensuring compliance with the requirements of a special temperature regime for storage and transportation of perishable goods.

The event will be attended by the countries as Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Netherlands, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and others. The well-known companies, including TechnoCool, CelticCooling, “Holod Invest Group”, Plattenhardt, Atlas, “Holod Market”, JiangsuAolike will participate in the exhibition as exhibitors and will demonstrate the latest technologies and of the “cold” industry.

One of the participants of the exhibition - the company “Kazpromholod” will also present the products and services in the “cold” industry. “At the moment “Kazpromholod” not only makes specialized refrigerators, but also it builds modular buildings for refrigerated warehouses, logistics centers and vegetable storehouses. In addition, we are engaged in the supply of modular cold stores for trading and food production enterprises, we perform the installation and servicing of refrigeration equipment for various purposes, design cold supply and air conditioning systems, and also supply a variety of accessories, spare parts and materials” – says the General Director of the company Maden Abdekov.

The industrial and commercial units, compressors, air coolers, chillers, consumables, and also refrigeration equipment for quick freezing of food and refrigeration units for liquid cooling will be showcased at the exhibition.

The manufacturers of dairy, oil and fat products and meat are looking for options for the appropriate storage level, and most importantly the transport of perishable goods, so ColdChainKazakhstan exhibition aims to bring innovative solutions in this field for the producers in Kazakhstan. So, one more participant - SINOCONNECT, universal logistics company, will offer solutions for “cold transportation”.

The producers of dairy, oil and fat products and meat are seeking for options for the proper level of storage, and most importantly transportation of perishable goods, therefore ColdChainKazakhstan Exhibition aims to bring innovative solutions in this sphere for the producers of Kazakhstan. So, one more participant - SINOCONNECT, a multipurpose logistics company, will offer solutions for “cold transportation”.

In the framework of the exhibition the seminar of the company LINDE GAS Kazakhstan on “Linde Gas Technologies for Food Industry” will also be held, the speaker will be Saida Rashitova - Manager for Food Industry. The seminar’s program includes the presentation of technical gas application technologies, allowing to improve the quality of the manufactured products.

The multiplier effect of the events, being held in parallel and devoted to the food industry, agriculture, packaging and HoReCa industry, will be equally effective. The visitors of ColdChainKazakhstan 2016 will have the opportunity to get information about the advanced solutions in industrial refrigeration, to visit the presentations of technologies for ensuring the required temperature regime, to learn about modern equipment of the manufacturers, including in the format of the organized B2B meetings.

More information at: http://coldchain.kz/


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