Central Asian International Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services Exhibition

ColdChain Kazakhstan 2017: novelties of "cold" industry

From 1 to 3 November 2017, Almaty will host the International Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services Exhibition – ColdChain Kazakhstan 2017 – the only one highly specialized exhibition in Central Asia, where the main subject is the innovative solutions, products and services to fulfill the requirements to a special temperature regime of storage and transportation of perishable goods.

The ColdChain Kazakhstan exhibition is a platform where leading Kazakhstani and foreign companies can demonstrate their innovations in the field of cold supply to food and processing industry enterprises, warehouses, catering and retail facilities.

This year the event will be attended by countries, such as Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Slovenia, Uzbekistan and others. Known companies, such as AKAY, EHO d.o.o., ISOLCELL SPA, GUNTNER, KALUGIN & K, PLATTENHARDT & WIRTH GmbH, TECHNOCOOLENGINEERING, TECHNO COOL ENGINEERIG, KAZPROMHOLOD, KONFORS, PROFHOLOD, PROFHOLOD SYSTEMS, SNABHOLOD, HOLOD, MARKET, HOLODOM will come to the exhibition as exhibitors and will demonstrate the latest technologies of "cold" industry.

Among the exhibitors KAZPROMHOLOD, which is the Kazakhstan leader in the field of industrial cold storage, specializing in equipping refrigerators with warehouses, food production, trading enterprises, public catering establishments and other facilities? At the exhibition the company will present new products of high-tech refrigeration equipment of high quality and reliability.

Another Kazakhstan participant of the exhibition – the Holodom Company will present services for the development, manufacture and introduction of industrial refrigerating systems, central cooling systems, and water cooling systems.

The SNABHOLOD company based in Kazakhstan takes part in the exhibition for the first time and will present a wide range of refrigeration equipment of quality products and services.

The strongest market players from the Russian Federation are among the newcomers. For the first time at the exhibition of ColdChain Kazakhstan the Russian plant IRBIS will take part. The plant's products are designed taking into account operation in harsh conditions and have an increased demand throughout the territory of Russia and the CIS. The IRBIS factory produces unique large refrigerated doors, polyboxes and shock freezing chambers.

At the stand of another leading Russian manufacturing company, ProfHolod, one can see PIR/PUR wall and roof sandwich panels, refrigeration and process doors, the energy-efficient insulation of "PIR-Plata". Annually ProfHolod delivers its products to more than 60 cities of Russia and the CIS.

In addition, the exhibition will feature industrial and commercial units, compressors, air coolers, chillers, consumables, as well as refrigeration equipment for the rapid freezing of products and refrigerating units for cooling liquids.

Multiplier effect from parallel events on agriculture, packaging and the HoReCa industry is expected to have at least the same efficiency. We would like to remind that the strategic partner of ColdChain Kazakhstan is the WorldFood Kazakhstan food industry exhibition.

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