Central Asian International Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services Exhibition

ColdChain Kazakhstan: prospects for development of refrigeration equipment market in the region are obvious

From November 1 to November 3, the 2nd Central Asian International  “Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services” Exhibition - ColdChain Kazakhstan 2017 was taking place in Almaty. Employees of Refportal.com working all these days at the exhibition, talked to many of its participants and visitors. We bring to your attention the latest information about this event.

Since RefPortal and the magazine "Refrigeration Business" are general information partners of the exhibition, our stand is located right at the entrance to the pavilion, which allows us to meet practically all visitors first. It is also important that among them are top managers and leading experts of many well-known Russian and international companies: Bitzer, Danfoss, Emerson, Guentner, Kelvion, Lu-Ve, "Complect-Ice", "Nord", "Ostrov", "HOLTEK" and a number of others.

According to Denis Timokhin, General Director of “Bitzer CIS”, this exhibition project is very interesting and, of course, deserves attention, because it is obvious that the refrigeration industry in Kazakhstan is now actively developing.

Aleksei Kuznetsov, head of “Industrial and commercial refrigeration supply” division of the company Kelvion, adheres to the same point of view. He also flew to Almaty to estimate market growth rate and to negotiate with customers.

Many experts from Russia came, that is called "for exploration," but a number of companies participate in the exhibition as exhibitors. So, the company "Profkholodsystems" from Volzhsk presented at its stand a wide range of equipment: from fans to compressor-condenser blocks and fast-freezing machines. Stanislav Babushkin, the company's international sales representative, noted that “Profkholodsystems” has been working in Kazakhstan for several years. During this time, a number of projects have been implemented to freezing of meat and fish semi-finished products, equipping warehouses and other objects of the agro-industrial complex. At the moment, the company is actively looking for dealers to expand its presence in the Central Asia region.

Russian manufacturer of sandwich panels, refrigerating chambers and doors - the company "Profkholod" presented new energy-efficient insulation "PIR-plate" to Kazakhstan customers. Project manager Valery Ukhvatov said that the management of the company is waiting for significant return from the exhibition ColdChain and, accordingly, sales growth. On our behalf we want to add that sometimes visitors actually lined up in order to ask their questions to specialists of "Profkholod".

A lot of interesting can be seen at the stands of Kazakhstan companies, where the most diverse samples of the newest refrigeration equipment are exhibited.

At the exposition of the permanent exhibitor - the company HOLODOM - chillers, fan coil units, milk coolers, heat transfer equipment and refrigerating units, including own production, are presented. According to the employees, large area of the exposition is due to the fact that the company wanted not only to present visual samples of marketable products, but also to provide sufficient space for negotiations, a great number of which was planned: suppliers from Turkey (Karyer), Italy (Frascold) , Germany (Ziehl-Abbeg), Russia and other countries. In addition, a large number of meetings were held with current and potential customers.

A great interest of the visitors of ColdChain was caused by the exposition of one of the leading engineering companies of Kazakhstan - "Kholod-Market", where one can learn about innovative solutions in the sphere of cold supply of stores and warehouses. At the stand of this company, their equipment was presented by the world's leading suppliers of refrigeration system components: Danfoss, Guentner, Bock and Arneg. Alexander Seravin, head of integrated engineering solutions department at “Danfoss”, and Mikhail Puzankov, head of “Güntner” representative office, noted a very high degree of qualification of engineers of the company “Kholod-Market”. In particular, Alexander Seravin said: "These are professionals of their craft, who closely monitor all new world developments. They competently apply the latest solutions, paying special attention to energy efficiency issues. "

Almaty company "Snabholod" takes part in the exhibition for the first time, the management of which plans to maximize its presence in the region. "We are actively developing, increasing the pace of sales and expect that the exhibition ColdChain will help us to find even more new orders," the director of the company, Ilfat Nietpayev, shared with us. The technical catalogs of OSTROV equipment were presented at the stand of the company ("Snabholod" is the main partner of "Ostrov" in the south of Kazakhstan), products of the company "Frigopoint" and solders Castolin.

You can get acquainted with the refrigerating chambers of local production at the stand of Almaty company AKAY. According to Talgat Dyusembayev, the project manager, this year there are a large number of potential customers among visitors of the exhibition, who are attracted by high quality of AKAY products combined with optimal delivery terms.

Another exhibitor from Kazakhstan is engineering company Kazpromkholod. Technical director of the company Sergey Ponomaryov said that for them, as for a permanent participant, the exhibition is more of a trendy nature. "Communication with regular customers and suppliers, maintaining of tides, as well as negotiations with potential customers, are our main tasks," he commented.

As already mentioned, a number of European companies took part in the exhibition. For example, the Slovenian company EHO presented its solutions for fruit and vegetable stores. Kranjc Primoz, commercial project manager, noted: "At the moment, gardening is intensively developing in Kazakhstan, which means that the demand for fruit storage will increase significantly. We see great prospects on this market, and a great interest of visitors to the exhibition confirms this."

Most of visitors and participants of the exhibition, with whom we managed to talk, somehow noted high development rates of agro-industrial complex and shop construction of Kazakhstan.

"Undoubtedly "cold" will be in demand, and in the near future Central Asia market of refrigeration equipment will actively develop. Consequently, the exhibition will grow and gain momentum. I was here in previous years and I want to note today a significant increase in a number of visitors, their activity and interest in solving specific problems in the field of refrigeration,"- development director of the company "HOLTEC" Vitaliy Anuriev confirmed our findings.

You can read a detailed report on results of the second Central Asia international  “Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services” exhibition - ColdChain Kazakhstan 2017 in November issue of the journal “Refrigeration Business”.



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